Mr. Schumacher; u/s Max

BUDDY DANIELS FRIEDMAN (Mr. Schumacher; u/s Max), comes to this production for the first time. He has been an actor since his first film Danger Zone (1986). He brings with him extensive Film/TV/Music Videos/New Media credits. Films credits: Nasty Piece of Work, Merica My Lovely, My Baby Sister is an Alien; Taking Care of Business (with Charles Grodin); “Tha Eastsidaz” (Snoop Dog). As for TV, Star Trek: Next Generation (Boilan Barber), Golden Girls, Ally McBeal, a recurring role on Passions, Beverly Hills Pawn reality show. Has a Blending Award for a Pistachio Commercial. Theater: several productions of all kinds & 13 years in an ongoing role-playing experience, The Dungeon Master. Buddy was a Theatre Arts Major @ Temple U. in Phila. Buddy is delighted to be in and share his talent with this wonderful cast. Find out more about Buddy at IMDB and look up his names: also Buddy Daniels and Daniel Friedman. Thanks for coming! Enjoy the show.